About Us

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RedLip PR is an interactive communications company offering public relations services to clients in various industries with a focus on leisure, luxury, lifestyle, adventure and events. With all fields being so integrated, we offer our clients various packages including marketing, media buying, public relations, digital campaign work and event coordination at varying degrees.

Our collective experience and expertise in these fields afford us the ability to offer a high-end service at a fast pace with measurable results. With traditional public relations services, we also offer various digital services including the creation, implementation and management of an online presence including social media.

We can tailor make packages to suite your requirements and company needs, be it a full public relations retainer on a monthly basis or short-term project and campaign work. From inception to execution, we can assist with all of your PR and eventing needs from start to finish.

We operate on both a national and international level. Working from one of the most coveted cities in the world, Cape Town is every traveller’s dream destination. The Mother City allows us to interact and build relationships with some of the world’s most notable travel, luxury and adventure journalists, visiting from all corners of the globe.


RedLip is a power lip…

It represents a strong, bold and powerful attitude whilst still maintaining a creative and inspired outlook on all aspects in which we operate. Rest assured, when the red lip is on, the game face is, too.

Our RedLip can also be adaptable! Whether we are climbing mountains with you, walking a red carpet, running races or strutting our stuff at launch events, there is nothing that we wouldn’t do for our clients and their brand development.

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