The modern business landscape is shifting faster than ever before – from how companies are structured, to how they deal with their clients, to the markets they operate in. ‘Flexibility’ and ‘Adaptability’ are the keywords for successful 21st century business practise – and there are few creatures more flexible or adaptable than a chameleon. Meet Chameleon Skills.

Consulting, Facilitation and Training Experts Chameleon Skills harness decades of experience in working with multinational companies to help equip businesses and their teams with the skills they need, in order to adapt to the constant shifts in their operational landscape. Bringing creative flair to unlocking practical solutions, Chameleon Skills aims to help unlock the potential of any business in realising organisational goals they may not even know they have, yet.

“We work with people who work with people to develop critical thinking and skills to help them attain their individual and organisational goals, for the greater good of the business,” says co-founder Veronica Wantenaar. “Our group of experienced consultants come from diverse backgrounds – including Marketing, Finance, Systems and HR – and pull together to help deliver positive, sustainable outcomes for businesses that understand the importance of agility”.

Offering Change Consulting, Facilitation, Face-to-Face Collaborative Coaching, Strategy Development and ‘People Measurement’, Chameleon Skills operates across organisational, team and individual level to fine-tune – or completely revamp – businesses. People are at the heart of every business and we drill down to a deep level of understanding of these individuals and how they fit into the picture,” says co-founder Merlinda Abrahams. “You can either upskill your people to work within your existing structures, or find the best structure that allows the pivotal people in your organisation to thrive – either way, it’s about harnessing the right skills to get your business where it needs to be”.


The co-founders of Chameleon Skills bring decades of international business coaching experience to the table, giving them unique and in-depth insight into organisational requirements. Veronica Wantenaar works with Integral theory, Emotional Intelligence, Transactional Analysis and positive psychology to help individuals and groups to reframe their thinking and world view, opening their minds to new perspectives, building their resilience skills and working to understand how the brain works, as part of developing their self-management processes. She believes that her role is to help clients find their own path, so that they can build sustainable self-coaching mechanisms.


Veronica is a Professional Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation and a member of several accrediting organisations, including Coaching and Mentoring South Africa (COMENSA – with which she holds several portfolios); The Association for Coaching UK; the South African Transactional Analysis Association, the Global Supervision Network; the International Coach Network and an International Ethical Coach with World Business Executive Coaches (WBECS).


Merlinda Abrahams’ experience in the leadership and organisational development space, the NGO sector, corporate sector and government has honed her ability to identify her space in the world: to help others, in whatever their roles whether as leaders, parents or colleagues and successfully navigate the complexities of their lives. Her work is informed by Integral Theory and Transactional Analysis and she places great emphasis on developing the ability to recognise the value of integrating all of the pieces into a well-rounded, balanced whole.

Merlinda is affiliated with the International Coaching Federation, Coaching and Mentoring South Africa (COMENSA) and the South African Transactional Analysis Association (SATAA).

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