A tale of two RedLip PR ladies on the Blue Train …

Have you ever been on the Blue Train? Well, we can finally say we have and “WOW,” what an experience it was! From the second we stepped into the executive lounge to the last moments of our final steps off of the blue carpet, we were treated like blue bloods. But, before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s start at the very beginning… we’ve heard it’s a very good place to start.

RedLip PR ladies on the Blue Train

When asked about their experience, this is what the RedLip PR ladies had to say:

C: “I’m on a train BEEEEEEEP!” But, yes, I was literally that excited. I was a little nervous about being motion sick but Robyn assured me many times over that it wouldn’t be a problem. She lied a bit!

R: No, I didn’t. You weren’t motion sick – it was the CHAMPAGNE. Well, at least that’s what it was for me. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

C: Well, it’s not like it wasn’t overflowing and readily available at every second of our journey.

R: You forgot to mention that it was DELICIOUS and we had more than a small variety to choose from.

C: Okay, true. We had champagne on arrival, then another glass while we mingled, then another to toast all the speeches, then some more on the train, then a little top up or two during lunch, and then just a tiny bit more for the return journey.

R: I really hope no one is keeping count! Hahahaha (evil giggle)!

RedLip PR ladies on the Blue Train

R: While we’re on the topic of lunch, let’s talk about my favourite thing – FOOD!

C: I don’t know why you keep shouting things like “Champagne, Delicious and Food,” but anyway…

R: I’m not shouting, I’m passionate! And ladies don’t shout…

C: Squirrel – back to the food!

R: Yes, yes, okay! Let’s start with the amazing 4-course menu… MMMMM! We both had the crumbed camembert served with toasted cashew nuts drizzled with cranberry reduction to start. Then let’s not forget about the absolutely sensational cauliflower and truffle soup that followed.

C: Yes, about that soup… It wasn’t me but someone licked the bowl… (*crickets in the background*) Okay, okay, it was me – stop JUDGING!!!

R: Let’s not go there just yet… back to the menu.
Mains: I had the dry aged fillet with veined blue rock cheese dusted in biltong, sauced with a herb reduction (I mean, seriously?!?!) and you had the grilled Norwegien salmon, served with sweet potato bake, julienne veg and lemon sauce.

C: Oh my grumbling tummy, it was taste-tastic!

R: I just can’t keep it in any more. I have a confession to make…

C: What? C’mon, you can tell me. This is a safe space.

R: While you were taking photos out the window I stole some of your food.

C: I knew it!!! You’re like a thief in the night!

R: I’m not even sorry. It was worth it.

C: With some time and counselling, we may be able to work through this. At least it wasn’t my champagne.

R: You would have to have put your glass down at some point for that to have even been a consideration.

C: Point well made, Ms. Elford. Squirrel – back to the food!

R: Yes, yes, okay! Now the dessert! I had the chocolate cigar served with a fruit compote finished with sorbet and you had the recommended cheese platter.

C: Ah, it really was great. And served with a smile as well!

RedLip PR ladies on the Blue Train

R: Okay enough about the food, it’s making me hungry again.

C: And no one likes it when you’re h-angry! Let’s talk more a-

R: About you sprawled all over the bed as if you owned the place!

C: Easy now… I wasn’t sprawled. I gently laid my head down upon a comfy pillow to see what it was like. I can’t help it if it was nice enough to not want to get up!

R: My favourite was the observation deck. The views alone made it worthwhile.

C: It’s hard to choose my favourite one spot – there were so many! Surprising for a train… There were two lounges, a smoking cart, the bar, bedrooms, which were made up as a lounge during the day, the dining cart and all the long passages!

R: And that’s just what we were lucky enough to see!

RedLip PR ladies on the Blue Train

C: Yes, there was so much to see!

R: Agreed! Not only in the train but also looking out. We only went as far as Tulbagh and back but the views were spectacular.

RedLip PR ladies on the Blue Train

C: We had such a great experience and there are a few people that we really need to thank who made it all possible.

R: Yes, a big thank you to American Express, Nedbank, The Blue Train and Warwick Wine Estate. We truly enjoyed ourselves.

RedLip PR ladies on the Blue Train